Where are you Located? is owned and operated by Uniq Customs LLC., which is a U.S. company with head offices in Grand Haven, MI. We ship our hats direct from two factories, where they are meticulously designed by professionals.  Our small production run factory is located in Guangdong, China and large run factory is in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  We are one of the only American companies with shares in our Asian the factories.  Most competitors are simply outsourcing to “partners” without Western management controlling quality.

All payments will be accepted directly to Uníq Customs, LLC, Grand Haven, MI, U.S.A. We accept all major credit cards, electronic checks, and bank transfer. Since we are an American company, we abide by American laws, so you aren’t just paying some untrustworthy Chinese company found on the internet. If we accept your money, we must deliver on your order. If something were to go wrong with your order, you are protected by American law against fraud.  

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We were established in 2011 as Uniq Customs LLC. in Grand Haven, MI.  However, our factory has been in operation since 2009.

Why is Your Domain

We chose this domain in order to showcase our main product, custom-made snapbacks.  .Co domains are very good for international businesses like ours.

How Do you accept Payment?

You have a few different options for payment. We prefer to use, because they have the best reputation for both merchants and customers. They accept E-checks and all major international credit cards. First-time buyers may feel most comfortable using this option, because it’s the most secure way to pay online. We recommend this to all customers, because it guarantees your safety. You, as the customer, are 100% protected against fraud by using Paypal. For example, we can’t accept your money and then never send you the hats, would take it away from our account and ban us from using them ever again. We will also accept other forms of payment, such as checks, bank transfer, and Western Union. We offer 50% deposit upfront and 50% when the order has finished production.

Why are your Factories in China and Vietnam?

It allows us to keep costs affordable for brands.  China is the world’s brand factory for better or for worse.  There are many clothing factories in China that produce poor quality.  However, the best clothing brands in the world are also made in China or Vietnam.  Nike, New Era, Yupoong, Adidas, and Supreme are all made in China or Vietnam.  We control every part of the process to ensure you are getting the best quality possible for your brand.  Your brand is your identity and you need quality that matches that

How Do You Embroider on the Hats?

We embroider on the hats using top of the line Tajima embroidery machines before the hats are fully formed. This is by far the best way to embroider on hats. The is what professional brands do. 90% of other hat companies embroider on ready-made hats. The quality of embroidery is ok, but not near the level that we can make, because we embroider on a flat piece of fabric before the hat is formed.  This also allows for embroidery or printing on any part of the hat.

Do You Make Other Products Besides Snapbacks?

Yes, our factory can also make t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, sweatpants, and more. Snapbacks are our bread and butter, but our factory can customize any kind of headwear and apparel.  We use the domain in order to feature our most popular product.   If you would like flex-fits, fitteds, 5-panels, or beanie, then we can offer the same full customization with the lowest minimums anywhere between 30 to 50 piece minimums. Please e-mail us for a quote at

How Long Until I Receive My Hats?

Typical sample production time takes 6-15 (average) business days. Shipping takes 3-5 days (average).

Typical production time after sample has completed is 2-3 weeks, but in rare cases can be longer if the designs are complicated or if there are many orders in the queue.  Shipping takes 3-5 days.

We do Rush Orders if necessary. Rush order fee is $200 U.S.D.

Which Famous Brands Have You Worked With?

To protect the privacy of our larger clients, we do not advertise the large brands we work with, but we will disclose them privately. Feel free to ask us.

Could You Design the Hat for Me?

If you have your logos ready and know which fabric and colors you would like to use, we can make a mock-up for you once a sample order is placed.  Please fill out the form here.

We offer logo design for a fee of $100 for 5 design variations. from our professional artists and graphic designers. Please e-mail us at

Can You Match My Pantone Colors?

Unfortunately, we can only find the closest fabrics we have to your pantone colors in stock.  However, we can match embroidered  and printed pantone colors extrmemly closely.   If you order 3,000 or more hats, the fabric can be dyed a specific pantone color as well

How Can We Contact You?

We prefer to remain in contact with our customers through e-mail. For legal purposes, it gives us a clear record of exactly what our customers request of us. When dealing with custom orders, this is extremely important. For large orders of 500 or more hats we will give out our phone number by request. However, we do not have the adequate staff for the mass amount of inquiries we receive each day. If you are looking to order more than 500 hats, please inform us be e-mail first. You may inquire at,, or Our Skype username is uniqcustoms1. You may also call us directly if you are a serious customer. Please ask us directly.

Are There Customs Fees?

For most countries, such as the U.S. And Canada, there should not be any added customs fees for small orders of 100 hats and under.  There may be small tax fee for larger orders.  Therefore, it is a good idea to double check with your local Customs office to make sure there are no customs fees.  All customs fees must be handled by the customer.  Please ask us for an estimate on how much the fees will be for orders of 100 and over.